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OOC Information:
Name: TealDeer
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IC Information:
Name: Christobel Starsky
Preincarnation name: Starscream
Canon: Transformers G1
Age: New self’s age: 28
Starscream’s age: 9,016,326
Preincarnation Appearance: click here

Any differences: Starscream is human, for one thing, and for another happens to be female in this incarnation; headcanon is that Transformers don’t have a concept of gender that’s the same as a human’s, since while they use “he” and very, very rarely “she” as pronouns (there’s like, four “female” transformers in canon) they don’t reproduce sexually and aren’t a sexually dimorphic species.

here's her icons, for reference

Christobel is fairly short, and has short black hair. Before her Echo, she had brown eyes; now her eyes are red and very creepy and robotic looking (see below under Echo). She tends to dress in white with accents of red, blue, and yellow; she also greatly prefers wearing chunky high heels, but eschews skirts and dresses. She can, indeed, run in heels.

From this point on I’m going to use “she” when it comes to Christobel since she thinks of herself as female, and “he” when it comes to Starscream as while he thinks of his gender as “airplane” in canon he’s referred to as a he. It may get confusing, but I am referring to the same character.

Preincarnated History: jesus Christ okay he’s nine million years old but LET’S GO
First, here’s a link to an actual article about this if you want to fact-check me:

Please note that I’m only using the G1 Cartoon continuity and the Beast Wars continuity for historical events, though I do occasionally make jokes/references to other continuities.

Nine million sixteen thousand three hundred and twenty six years ago, the mechanical world of Cybertron was in an unprecedented golden age. The second Cybertronian Civil War had ended, the Decepticons threat ended. The Transformer race prospered in unprecedented ways, and all was well.

During this time, someone decided that it was necessary to bring a large number of fliers online. Starscream was the second of these. He was not as strong or fast as his older 'brother', Thundercracker, and he did not have the teleportation powers of his younger brother, Skywarp. What he did have, however, was guile.

He was shortly thereafter admitted to the Crystal City Academy of Sciences, where he eventually met Skyfire. Though Starscream was not the type to make friends, something about Skyfire meant that the two of them actually got along. Indeed, Skyfire may have been his only friend. The two of them worked primarily on planetary science, traveling from world to world in search of natural resources.

One day, Skyfire discovered a planet with an unusually high concentration of pure energon; not to mention copious amounts of water and carbon. He suspected it might harbor life forms, and urged Starscream to take a closer look. Starscream advised caution, telling Skyfire that he thought the planet might be unsafe. Skyfire insisted, and together they flew down into the atmosphere to take a closer look.

There, the pair was beset by a terrible storm. Starscream became separated from Skyfire by the violent winds. Fearing the worst, Starscream sent out dozens of hails, trying to raise his friend; he then proceeded to search the entire planet for his friend. His efforts came to nothing, as his scanners could not detect a single sign of the space shuttle.

Despondent, Starscream returned to Cybertron. It was around this time that he began hearing more rumors of a being called Megatron. Megatron was a revolutionary, urging rapid change in the upper echelons of Cybertron. Starscream had always had problems with the government, but Skyfire helped him to keep his head on straight and focused on more important issues. Still hurting after Skyfire's loss and looking for somewhere to take his anger out, Starscream decided to join the Cybertron War Academy to prepare for service under Megatron.

The next five million years are not elaborated upon very well in canon, but presumably Starscream joined Megatron's cause after graduating from the Cybertron War Academy at the top of his class (or so he says). From there, we can only speculate on what occurred before the trip to Earth, which I will.).

Starscream had limitless ambition, and a vision for the future of Cybertron; he always had. He believed that if he could make his way up through the ranks of the new Decepticon Army, he could perhaps gain the ear of Megatron and influence real change. But he was continually frustrated in his efforts to do so, and rapidly found that the Decepticon army was filled with low-life backstabbers and thugs. If you showed weakness, you would die – it was as simple as that.

Starscream chose to show no weakness.

Starscream had always been a bit of a bastard, possessed of an extremely abrasive personality, but he had never been a murderer.

Until now. The first one was the hardest – probably his captain or commander, and probably made to look like an accident. They became easier with time, until eventually Starscream had backstabbed, blackmailed, and murdered his way through the Decepticon ranks...
all the way to second in command.

There he served for a time, until Megatron's leadership began to grate on him. They had been fighting this war for over four million years, and what did they have to show for it? A dead, decimated husk of a world, a large number of Autobot rebels at large, and that was about it. He began to loudly voice his opinion that he should be the new leader of the Decepticons, and he believed it, too, holding steadfast to a delusion of a new Cybertron under his glorious rule. With him in charge, they would end the war, enter a golden age... with the entire planet worshipping at his feet, of course.

Megatron, naturally, was not amused, and took the time to continually browbeat Starscream for his impertinence. However, Starscream was too useful a soldier to completely destroy, so Megatron let him live. For the time being.

The Autobots then hatched a desperate plan to leave the planet aboard the Ark (a transport ship) in search of more energy. Megatron ordered the Decepticons to pursue the ship in their own, the Nemesis. The Decepticons boarded the Ark, and after a vicious battle, both ships crashed onto the Earth, with the Ark eventually coming to rest inside a dormant volcano, with all inside damaged to the point of stasis-lock.

Four million years later in the year 1984, a volcanic eruption brought the ship's computer, Teletraan 1, back online. Teletraan 1 was apparently a bit dense, because its first act was to bring the Decepticons back online, including Starscream. The Decepticons immediately set about immediately wreaking havoc outside. Starscream's first act, in fact, was to shoot at the Ark out of spite. This had the effect of jolting Teletraan 1 into starting another revival sequence... this time on the Autobots.

Good job, Starscream. Good job.

Over the next year, Starscream helped the Decepticons in various exploits, including building a Space Bridge to re-connect with distant Cybertron, as well as, of course, trying and failing to plot against and overthrow Megatron, and declaring himself leader every time Megatron so much as sneezed.

At one point, during yet again attempt by the Decepticons to exploit the Earth's resources, Starscream re-discovered Skyfire buried deep beneath Antarctic ice. Hardly believing it possible, Starscream demanded that Skyfire be brought back online, and that the utmost care be taken in doing so. He then invited his friend to join the Decepticons.

It soon became clear, however, that Skyfire would not exactly fit in with the rest of the crowd. Starscream kept insisting that Skyfire act as a warrior, fighting – and eventually, executing – Autobots and humans alike. Skyfire refused, much to Starscream's rage, and Starscream attacked his former friend. Skyfire was then buried in the ice a second time.

Of course, that wasn't the last time Starscream saw his former friend. The Autobots resurrected Skyfire to... well, mostly use him as a bus. During that time, Starscream could not overcome his rage at his friend's betrayal (ironic, given how much of a traitor he himself was) and they mostly just fought.

The Decepticons had many more adventures, which can mostly be summed up as “Try to take over the world; get their asses kicked by the Autobots; repeat.” Starscream's actions during this time can be summed up as “Try to defeat Megatron; fail; repeat.” There were a few particularly memorable incidents, however. At one point, Starscream traveled back in time to Camelot, and managed to conquer the kingdom using hand-made gunpowder and a generator constructed from spare parts (as well as, y'know, the fact that he was a GIANT ROBOT); and later built the most powerful combiner team ever assembled on an island, with a bunch of rusted out World War II machines and the sparks (the Transformer equivalent of the soul) of convicts. There was also the time he ended up on a planet where he was the size of a child's toy to the inhabitants, and the other time that he and Soundwave ran a dance club.

I am not making this up I swear.

Sometime in the futuristic year of 2005, where of course everybody had hoverboards but no cell phones, there was yet another Autobot and Decepticon battle yadda yadda blah blah, except this time Megatron really DID get damaged almost beyond repair. Starscream, being Starscream, immediately took advantage of this fact, gleefully chucking Megatron out of an airlock and into the void of deep space.

This came back to bite him in the aft shortly afterwards, when Megatron was reformatted into Galvatron by the dark god Unicron. Galvatron, being somewhat displeased with Starscream's shenanigans, vaporized Starscream right as the Seeker was about to get crowned Emperor of Destruction and Leader of the Decepticons.

This is where it gets peculiar

Starscream discovered that somehow, he wasn't dead. Despite his body being so much ash, he still had a presence – his spark had endured, somehow indestructible despite what Galvatron had done. Plotting vengeance, he first engaged in a bit of petty prankery with Octane, taking over Cyclonus and Scourge and making Galvatron even angrier/crazier than he already was. Later, however, he proved far more ambitious – he made a deal with Unicron himself. He would re-connect Unicron's severed head to his body (Unicron had been defeated in 2005 by the Autobots) if Unicron would restore Starscream's body. Unicron agreed, and Starscream went about possessing a bunch of people (like Trypticon, the city-sized robot) towards this end. He actually succeeded in gathering all the necessary materials, but told Unicron that he couldn't re-connect the god's head without a body. Unicron, a bit tired of Starscream's whining, obliged. Now with his own physical body, Starscream had no intention of actually obeying Unicron, and, with a laugh, he threw the cables down.

Unfortunately for him, the Autobots and the Decepticons had found out about his misadventures, and decided to shoot him, since they weren't too happy about him trying to resurrect the TF universe's equivalent of Satan. As such, his time in his new body didn't last long, as he got shot into space, and presumably out there somewhere lost his newfound shell.

Three hundred years later, the Autobots and Decepticons were all dead and gone, having been replaced by the Maximals and Predacons. The Maximal High Council had ordered the historical evidence of the Great War classified, in the hopes of preventing it from happening again. And Starscream was erased from the history books.

Eventually, however, Starscream's spark found its way back to this new Cybertron, where it was captured by Maximal scientists. Noticing Starscream's unusual mutation, they decided to see if it could be replicated. The best way to do this, they felt, was by cutting Starscream's spark in half, and putting that half into a new body.

This was a bit painful, to say the least.

The new machine, Rampage, immediately went insane on activation from pain, fear, and having the worst parts of Starscream's personality. He tore the lab apart, in the process letting Starscream escape into space once again. Out there, he fell through a transwarp portal and eventually came upon a group of Maximals and Predacons on prehistoric Earth. There, he possessed one of them, Waspinator, and attempted to (yet again), overthrow Megatron – this time with ostensibly the plan of repairing the ships belonging to the two factions and flying back to Cybertron, where he would presumably take over. Or something. His plan didn't seem all that well thought, honestly.

After being ejected from Waspinator's body, he floated through space for an unspecified period of time.

Reincarnated History Christobel Starsky was born to middle-class parents near Washington, DC, and grew up with an undying love of airplanes, and a gigantic arrogant streak. Though not exactly tomboyish, she was very assertive and preferred what most people think of as “boy toys”: space ships, military craft, and so on. More than that, though, she was arrogant, self-centered, and demanding. This meant that she grew up with few friends, and was actually rather badly bullied. She never dated, finding little patience with romantic attachment.

In high school, she excelled in physics and chemistry, rebelled loudly against her parents, failed to get anywhere with that, and picked up a rocketry hobby. She also convinced her father to let her begin taking flying lessons in a beat up Cessna (much like with cars, you need to be 16 years old to get a pilot’s license, and you can even get a glider license at 14) at the local airport. This combination of hobbies and surprisingly good grades got her into, yes, MIT, despite the fact that she had an abysmal record when it came to getting detentions and suspensions due to talking back to her teachers. At MIT, she actually found a few people she kind of got along with, though that was mostly in the way of “joining the local nerf-gun larp club and shooting her ‘friends’ a lot” and “playing elaborate and dangerous pranks” (hacks, as called by MIT folks). She also continued taking flying lessons.

Christobel tried to join the Air Force, but unfortunately as it turns out her vision wasn’t good enough, and she threw a temper tantrum which lead them to advising her that perhaps the military life wasn’t for her. She’s currently living in Locke City, trying to get a PHD at Locke University as her parents stopped paying for her education and she pissed off enough professors at MIT that she couldn’t stay. She teaches part time, and is known to the undergrads as being That Bitch. She also tutors high school students to make ends meet, and spends time hanging out at the airport and offering unwanted advice to the Cessna mechanics.

First Echo: Recently, one of Christobel’s old MIT friends convinced her to go exploring with him in the Dead Zone of the city during a blizzard. They became separated, and she lost her friend. She didn’t find out he was alright until a week later; it turned out he’d lost consciousness, but had luckily been taken to a hospital. The panic, the snow, the unknown area, all these mirrored what happened to Starscream and Skyfire… to the point that even once her friend had recovered, a degree of bitterness remained, such that they drifted apart.

This Echo caused Christobel’s irises to glow bright red – permanently. A part of her actually thinks this is kind of neat, but she’s also deeply disturbed and has no idea why her eyes are doing this, or where it came from. Furthermore, though her vision was previously poor enough that she couldn’t join the Air Force, now she sees perfectly. She wears dark brown contact lenses to hide the effect. A close look at her eyes would also reveal that they are now cybernetic, though it’s hard to tell at this point: the irises operate like an aperture rather than muscle control.

Hey actually here’s a picture that does it better: <= her eyes look like that now. Only the light doesn’t really turn off. Ever.

Preincarnation Personality: Starscream is driven by ambition above all else. He hungers for power and recognition to the point of sheer irrationality, and he'll have it at any cost, no mater who he has to hurt in the process or how. He'll pretend to be your friend if you can serve some purpose to him, and when you've outlived your usefulness (or if he perceives you to be getting a bigger slice of the pie than him) he'll instantly turn around and viciously backstab you.

He's also vain, haughty, arrogant, and temperamental – he believes fully that he deserves the power he so desperately desires, and he'll let you know it, too. He thinks of himself as the greatest thing since cubed energon, and if you say anything to put this into doubt he will completely flip out at you and throw a screaming hissyfit. He also enjoys being a jerk for the sake of being a jerk – other people's suffering is funny to him.

Which isn't to say that he can't be clever or subtle. On the contrary, Starscream is a skilled liar and speaker – while among the Decepticons he had the nickname of 'Silver Snake'. When he puts his mind to it and sets aside his bluster he can be insidiously charming and manipulative. … of course, five seconds later he'll lose his temper and ruin the whole thing. Indeed, Starscream can be said to be a classic sociopath in that regard – superficially charming but ultimately uncaring for the plights of others.

Starscream has chronic bad luck – not precisely a personality trait, but it might be why he's so bitter all the damn time. Even when he has good plans – which he actually does, surprisingly often – he'll usually forget one small detail, or something will happen that causes the whole thing to tumble like a house of cards.

Any differences: Chris still has idealism and hope. She hasn't had nine million years of war weighing down on her soul, she hasn't been part of a society where the only method of advancement is essentially assassination. As such, despite being rude, arrogant, and prideful, she still has a strong belief in trying to do right by the world. She's very much about the ends justifying the means, but in the end her reasoning is less that she wants pure power for its own sake, and more that she genuinely feels like she could make a real difference, if she were only given half a chance. She's brilliant, after all, of course she could do some good if she were given a chance to lead.

Without a true rival like Megatron, her ambitions are also more nebulous. She skips from one plan to another daily -- join the Air Force, no, maybe get into politics, no, maybe try to invent something awesome... and in reality, it's not even her brusque manner, but the fact that her plans are too grandiose to execute, and her impatience at getting to carry them out.

That being said, she's quite tenacious, and despite her frustration she keeps trying.

Other notes on being human: in addition to having a hobby as a pilot, Chris loves videogames and tabletop games (like Dungeons and Dragons), and also has an extreme fondness for electronica and 80s heavy metal and rock and roll. She likes to go out clubbing, but tends to stick to goth clubs so as to avoid anyone hitting on her (she hates that; romance is pointless). (SO POINTLESS). As a second part time job to make ends meet, she also tutors high school students; a few of them she actually genuinely likes as people.

Abilities: What abilities did your character’s Preincarnation have? To what extent were they used? Include any equipment they had access to and any skills they had. Head canon should be written in italics. You may write a brief and link to a more detailed resource if you wish.

IMMORTAL SPARK – All Transformers in the G1 continuity have a Spark. The spark comprises what we would think of as a soul, but it is a real, tangible essence. When a Transformer dies, their spark normally dissipates, the energy returning to the source through Vector Sigma. For reasons unknown, Starscream’s spark is entirely different. When Starscream was destroyed by Megatron in 2005, his spark endured outside his body. No known force seemed able to destroy Starscream’s spark.

As such, Starscream cannot technically die. Barring extensive modifications, his body can be killed (theoretically something could be done to make his body more like Rampage, connecting it more deeply to his immortal spark to make him invincible, but it’d take a lot of doing and likely render him insane)(well, more insane), but his spark will endure.

There are three things that can actually destroy Starscream’s spark:

> A blade of pure crystalline energon. In Beast Wars, this was shown to be capable of damaging his “clone,” Rampage. The downside is that rupturing his spark this way would cause a massive explosion.

> The full powers of a god, demigod, or similar being (eg, Death of the Endless, for instance)

> An artifact of similar power levels to a god (reality warping, etc

If Starscream’s body dies, he’s still left without a body, which is problematic. However, Starscream can possess the bodies of others, including organic life (granted, he only possesses a human in an alternate timeline of G1 called Kiss Players and it’s done for laughs, but still, canon evidence!). In this game obviously I’d get permission from the other player involved if I possessed a player, and from the mods if an NPC. Hypothetically, Starscream could also possess a machine to control it, and over time that machine might convert into a real Transformer body (stars does this to create the combiner Bruticus in one episode, though he speeds the process by altering the vehicles first).

GIANT ROBOT THAT TURNS INTO A GODDAMN F-15: Starscream’s main and iconic Thing is that he’s a Transformer, a giant alien robot that can turn into a vehicle, in his case, an F-15 fighter jet. In Save The Earth, I actually don’t want Christobel to suddenly turn into a giant plane; instead, I’m going to say that the Allspark radiation from her/his immortal Spark will slowly mutate her body into a robotic one with an alt mode. Since taking on stealthy forms are an integral part of Transformers, her body will instead convert into a Pretender, that is, a semi-organic (Termianator-like) shell surrounding a robotic body. She’ll be able to shift between human, humanoid robot, and probably a predator-drone like form. This conversion to a robotic body will take place VERY slowly, and be quite painful. See below for abilities she’ll get first, from body parts converting into robot parts.

LASERS – Come in two flavors!

Null Rays -- Starscream's signature power, these are high powered EMP blasts. At normal, they're enough to shut down a full sized Transformer (well, something the size of a jet plane, anyway) for about thirty seconds to a minute. If Starscream sits and charges this up, he can take out about 1/4 of a power plant for about a minute, or shut down a Transformer sized machine for about an hour.

Standard Lasers -- energy blasts! They're... energy blasts. They're not all that powerful and primarily concussive rather than incendiary, though they DO still have an incendiary component. Starscream can focus these to a narrow beam for cutting, a wide spray to take our many targets, or, like his null rays, power them up.

FLIGHT – Starscream can fly! His top speed is Mach 3. He has an intuitive, natural instinct for the air, and is even an excellent pilot of other machines in addition to being able to fly on his own.

CLUSTER BOMBS – They are cluser bombs. They are what it sounds like.

SKILLS – Starscream is nine million years old, and has the experience and intelligence that would suggest. He has knowledge of science and technology far beyond human understanding, and has better-than PHD’s in chemistry, physics, and engineering, and a smattering of knowledge of quantum mechanics, astrophysics, astronomy, and planetary geology. He is, however, a complete bloody idiot when it comes to biology of any kind.
In addition, he is technically a military commander, but a pretty shoddy one (he got into second in command mostly by backstabbing and being good at other things). He is a skilled fighter, but better at distance fighting than hand-to-hand combat; he relies more on his speed and agility than strength.

Roleplay Sample – Third Person: “Fucking students…”

Chris rubbed her eyes and, for what felt like the fifteenth time that day, cursed her fate. Fucking students. Fucking administration. Fucking… everything.

She shouldn’t be here. She was meant for something much, much greater. She should be head of her own lab, or a commanding general in the Air Force, or a billionaire aircraft engineer with a dozen perfect designs under her belt. Instead, she had a briefcase full of napkin doodles of engines, and a pile of problem sets to grade for a class that wasn’t even technically her class to teach, but which she had to anyway for almost no pay.

Fucking graduate school. It took all her willpower not to just storm down to the professor’s office and tell him where he could shove it. But that’d get her nowhere. Just live through it, one day more, one week more, get the degree, and then show them all…

She sighed, chin in hands, and looked out of the window of her shoddy little apartment. The dreams weren’t helping either, dreams of flying across an alien sky, of steel… of power. But those were just dreams—foolish diversions. No. She had to finish grading the papers of these foolish students. But someday… someday, the fools would all see.

Roleplay Sample - Network: This is the most poorly designed messaging system I’ve ever seen in my goddamn life. What the hell is this, Usenet? Christ.

Fuck, why am I even trying this? This is bullshit. I break up with a friend and the next day I get a bunch of vertigo, a weird pounding in my head, a random IP address and a weird compulsion to access the damn thing.

If it hadn’t been in my head I’d blame it all on conspiracy theorists. And maybe take down your network for funzies, since whoever runs this is clearly the worst network admin I’ve ever seen.

Point being, why are you losers here? Did you lot get random numbers in your head too, or what?

Any Questions? nah I don't think... so/